Welcome to the mdx illustration blog. Here is some work from our students from the last few months.

FMP (2)FMP (4) FMP (3) FMP (5)Alex Foster


BNW1 brave new world3 BRAVENEWWORLD2_FINAL

Fred Campbell


1 2 3

Greta Mikalauskaite


5+6 colour  copy 2          13+14 Colour copy 2 17+18 colour copy 2          23+24 copy

Daniel Duncan


redsmallercrestonecresthandscountFoscovignetteresized scangirlyellowddarkestvignettet scanyellowlatestdarkerwoodiercarriagvbookignetteenearlydoneearring1

Genevieve Melaugh


FMP_bird(1)         FMP_bird(2) FMP_bird(3)         FMP_bird(6)

Zanna Allen


Lyle_Saunders_Beormas_Gate_Lino_2012 Lyle_Saunders_Neurosis_Lino_2013 Lyle_Saunders_The_Yardbird_Lino_2013

Lyle Saunders

Also check out some of our 3rd year student’s Animations:

Greta Mikalauskaite: https://vimeo.com/68295049

Kremena Dimitrova: https://vimeo.com/68300303

Daniel Duncan: https://vimeo.com/68301499

More to Follow…


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