Second year student EVA STRASSBURGER has been selected as one of the winners of this year’s WORLDWIDE PICTURE BOOK PRIZE. Now in it’s second year the international competition run by Walker Books and the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society invites illustrators from around the globe to submit their work. Below are some of Eva’s spreads from ‘Poor Dragon Willy Dinkywing’.

“One of our second year projects was to produce a children’s book. I decided to tell the story of a dragon who one day finds himself out of flames. He learns he has a cold so asks his friends if they know what he can do to breath fire again.”


“The book is aimed at children who are suffering from a cold, the flu or other typical children’s illness. You may have noticed that the book is black and white; I know from personal experience that I was always very bored when lying in bed sick all day. My mum always used to bring me books to read or colour in so I decided to make my book both a heart-warming tale about beating a cold and a colouring-in book for after reading as well- double the fun!”


“Since I got some good feedback from my friends and tutors I decided to submit it to The Worldwide Picturebook competition. I couldn’t belive it when I saw the email telling me I was on of the winners! It’s great because the prize is not only being part of the touring exhibition but being included in a catalogue that will be presented to publishers at the Frankfurt, Main and Bologna book fairs.”  

You can find more more of Eva’s work online:

Website | Instagram


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