AOI award winning graduate ALEX FOSTER was recently commissioned by the Roald Dahl Office to create an illustrated map for their head quarters. The map features characters and moments from Dahl’s books, executed in Foster’s signature style;


Roald photo 2

(The full map in situ at the Roald Dahl Office)

Alex has also been working on a new series of city map prints featuring New York, Paris and London;

Paris map loresParis map detail

New York lores


London map lores

“Something about drawing maps has always interested me, and plotting the points, rearranging and adding little details and bits of personality to the work is exciting. For example in the new Paris map I’ve put in a few classic French cars like the Citroen 2cv. 
I think another reason I got into maps is because I’ve been making a lot of House Portraits and 2d face on illustrations of buildings, so these maps are a combination of the cities most famous architecture. It’s great to see how different the places are as well – from the classic Parisian architecture to the relatively new skyscrapers of New York. There’s also of course a nice contrast of classic buildings right next to modern architecture.

The Roald Dahl print was of course a bit of a dream to make. Roald’s grandson Luke got in touch about how they were moving to a new office in London and would like me to make some prints to decorate the space – this included a tall thin chocolate time line of the history of chocolate from one of Roald’s books, and the main image was a large map in four sections to see as you walk in the office. This included all of his main characters and locations from the books, so that was a huge challenge and took a long time but was one of the most amazing projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on to date.” 

Here’s a look at the next map in the works;



Find more of Alex’s work online:

WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr



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