Over the last year course leader and 3rd year tutor NANCY SLONIMS has created a series of Photo-etching and 3D Mixed Media Montages produced in response to a collection of beginnings and endings from a series of books by a number of well-known authors.

“[These] are part of a body of work exploring solar etching on to physical objects relating to the subject of the books or the physicality of the books themselves.”


The Journal of Dora Damage- Belinda Starling


 The Woman in White- Wilkie Collins



A Story Goes With It- Damon Runyon


Dark Dolores- Damon Runyon

“I discovered my love of Damon Runyon’s witty, insightful stories when studying Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art. I have always been a huge fan of the genre Film Noir and reading On Broadway by Runyon, sparked off a series of multi layered silkscreens in response to some of his short stories.”

 Over the course of her career Nancy has worked as a senior graphic designer at Pentagram and John Brimacombe and Associates before becoming a freelance illustrator represented by the illustration agency Beint & Beint.

Find more of Nancy’s work online;



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