In this post we’ll be looking at some recent publishing announcements from our graduates;

2019 graduate ISHAA LOBO (Who recently signed with Andrea Brown Literary) will be illustrating Viking’s 2022 release THE MYSTERY OF THE LOVE LIST. Written by Sarah Glenn March, the book tells the story of a lonely porcupine looking for love;

Find more of Ishaa’s work online;

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Alumni and Graduate Academic Assistant SHAZLEEN KHAN will be illustrating middle grade graphic novel SAVING SUNSHINE due to be published in 2023 by FIRST SECOND BOOKS;

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Finally 2020 graduate ROBIN RICHARDSON is now being represented by Maria Vicente on behalf of P.S LITERARY AGENCY so hopefully we’ll be hearing some more announcement news soon!

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BA Graduate MATT INGRAM was commissioned to create the title sequence for Sky Cinema’s 2021 ‘To Olivia’. The period drama covers the year Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal lost their daughter Olivia to measles encephalitis. 

Matt worked with Atticus Film & Television to create the animated intro;

“John Hay, the director, wanted an animated title sequence, inspired by the colours of the 1960s and the work of Saul Bass, to describe the life of Patricia Neal and Roald Dahl. The title sequence begins with events that occurred during the early years of their respective lives, up to the point they met, moved to Great Missenden and then on to 1961, where the film begins.”

Find more of Matt’s work online;

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In this post we’ll be looking at some recent editorial work by some of our alumni for Vice, The Financial Times and more!

Graduate ROBYN FOREMAN was recently commissioned by VICE to illustrate Hannah Ewens article The ‘Hard Times Gives Us Good Music’ Myth Doesn’t Work In 2020 which compares Britain’s current economic climate to the swinging 60s, 70s punk or 80s and 90s rave culture.

Find more of Robyn’s work online;

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Graduate YUNROO TAN was one of 10 illustrators featured in New Naratif’s article Hindsight Is 2020 where each was asked to respond to the personal impact of the pandemic and picture large-scale protests for democracy.

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Graduate DIONNE KITCHING was commissioned by the Financial time to illustrate their article Line Of Fire: what it is to be a man in today’s British army. The article examines the military’s changing role and need for its culture of masculinity to evolve with the times.

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Graduate and Teaching Assistant ALEX MOORE was commissioned by GOAL to illustrate Rik Sharma’s write up on Lionel Messi’s crumbling relationship with Barcelona FC; Ronaldo escaped Real Madrid at the right time but Messi’s Barcelona empire is crumbling

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In this post we’ll be looking at some work by course alumni including an interactive exhibition with animations and illustrations by AMBER COOPER-DAVIES, branding work by ELLA GINN and 2020 graduate ELISSE VAHI’s first picture book.


Graduate AMBER COOPER-DAVIES created a series of animated images for Hounslow Visual Arts virtual exhibition ANIMAL STORIES. The project follows Chiswick House Menagerie from 19th century through to the present day, exploring how the communities relationship to animals has shaped Hounslow and those who live there. The intriguing collection of stories is told through the memory of local people and research of historical records and archives.

The project features a series of new stories extensively researched and written by Alistair Cartwright, and colourful images and stop motion animations by Amber Cooper-Davies, both of whom were selected by members of the Hounslow Exhibitions Group, which includes local people, artists and library staff.

Find more of Amber’s work online;



Having worked for two years as an in-house designer, graduate ELLA GINN is now a freelance illustrator creating digital and traditional work inspired by nature. She was recently worked with the creative agency Agence MonograM to produce this branding for Bitros’ Malt & Roses beer;

Britos Malt & Roses beer

Find more of Ella’s work online;



2020 graduate ELLISE VAHI has illustrated and publisher her first picture book. ‘Pille Stories: Pille and the Upside Down Day‘ (written by Evelyn Vahi) is available now from Estonia’s Apollo and Rahvaraamat bookstores with a sequel due out this month.

Find more of Eliise’ work online;



We are delighted to share the news that visiting lecturer and graduate of the course BEN HENDY has been award the 2020 Maureen Duke Award by the Society of Bookbinders. The award comes with a £2,000 grant for a professional in the bookfield to further their skills and education. With plans to open a print and bookbinding studio we are very excited to see what Ben does next!

Having graduated from the course in 2012 Ben has gone on to work as a professional print technician and bookbinder. As well as teaching on the course he also currently runs a print and bookbinding workshop for our first year students.

Find more of Ben’s work online;

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As well as as her post as our Contextual Studies lecture, SAMANTHA LIPPETT is part of the South London Gallery. The space was recently named joint winner for Arts Award Museum of the Year.

Founded in in 1891 by philanthropist William Rossiter with an aim to ‘bring art to the people of south London’, The year-round exhibitions programme showcases the best in international contemporary art, complemented by an events programme for people of all ages and interests. As well as championing work by new and emerging artists the gallery also aims to provide opportunities for learning and participation in the community.

For a look at what the gallery has been up to check out the film below;

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2015 graduate Charlot Kristensen will be talking with Knights Of publishing co-founder about the importance of Black representation in books and the issue of appropriation next week on November 29th;

  The talk will be covering topics such as practical ways for the illustration community to encourage diversity, why it’s necessary to ensure Black representation isn’t just tokenistic, the difference between appreciation and appropriation, why it’s key to have open, nuanced conversations outside of your bubble and the power of positive everyday actions.

Charlot’s clients have included her Penguin Random House, New York Times and the New Yorker. She also recently illustrated the cover of the Irish Times Magazine;

Her debut graphic novel What We Don’t Talk About which deals with issues of race, bigotry and the difficulties that interracial couples face was released this year by Avery Press and has just gone into it’s second print run.

Find more of Charlot’s work online;

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As well as illustration our course also teaches and encourages our students to use animation as a means of conveying narrative and messages. Below are a selection of short films made by our students over the last academic year;

In this frame animation student YULING SUNG explores growing up in Taiwan. Find more of Yuling’s work online;


Exchange student ALICIA BLASCO used a mix of 3D modelling and frame animation to retell the poem THE MAN WHO WALKED. Find more of Alicia’s work online;


2020 graduate PANDORA MUNFORD provides a solution for existential dread in her short animation WELL EXIST. Find more of Pandora’s work online;

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2020 graduate ELIISE VAHI explores compartmentalize in a short combining stop motion, frame animation and photography. Find more of Eliise’s work online;

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This month has also seen some exciting developments in the careers of some of our graduates. Fristly we are delighted to say that 2019 graduate ISHAA LOBO is now being represented by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Since 1981 Andrea Brown has worked to bring to light the voices and perspectives of new writers as well as to nurture and develop the careers of experienced authors.

Find more of Ishaa’s work online;


2018 graduate HANNAH CARWARDINE has now joined animation studio The Like Minded as junior illustrator.

The studio works with clients to explain their work, engage their audiences and strengthen their brands. Working in a broad range of disciplines (including 2D animation, infographics and stop motion, their goal is to bring fresh creativity to any project.

Find more of Hannah’s work online;



In this post we’ll be looking at some recent commissions, campaigns and new releases from our past students.


Graduate DANIEL DUNCAN was commissioned to illustrate Lavie Tiehar’s new early reader’s book THE CANDY MAFIA. Released this autumn by Peachtree Publishing this book also marks the 10th that Dan has worked on since graduating from the course!

Find more of Dan’s work online;



Graduates YUNROO TAN and EMILY ABEYDEERA both contributed to LIGHT GREY ART LAB’s latest project, WORLD ROULETTE.

Each of the 150 artists who contributed to the project created a world inspired by four randomized prompts (a little toss of the cosmic dice) and developed a place that encompasses the attributes, beliefs, weather patterns, government, or other given parameters. In addition to developing a new landscape, each artist wrote a story about this new world. The illustrations were then compiled into a 200+ page book featuring the final outcomes;

Yunroo Tan- “Dawning”


Emily Abeydeera- “Xah’raba”



This Summer graduate and GAA SHAZLEEN KHAN successfully crowdfunded the second print volume of her award-winning web comic BUUZA!! with the kickstarter campaign reaching its goal within 9 hours of launching.

BUUZA!! is a comic about found family, diaspora and religion, set in an urban fantasy 90’s middle east and central asia in which a misdialed number leads to an unexpected, long distance romance. It is available to read on both tapas and webtoons and was the winner of Broken Frontier’s best webcomic of 2019.

Find more of Shazleen’s work online;



Graduate and GAA ALEX MOORE was one of the illustrators commissioned to work on Vauxhall’s SWITCH IT UP campaign for the new Corsa E. Each artist drew a frame to create a 360 degree loop showcasing the car;

Find more of Alex’s work online;


STUDENT NEWS- Templar Illustration and Design Awards 2020

We are delighted to share the news that student LORRAINE ANSELL was longlisted for the 2020 Templar Illustration and Design Awards with her cover design for Isla Fisher’s Marge in Charge.

Now in its third year, the Templar Design and Illustration Award is for illustrators and designers who are new to the children’s book industry. The 2020 award for the first time included categories for children’s non-fiction illustration and children’s fiction cover design (For which Lorraine was longlisted), alongside its picture book illustration category. The aim of the award is to celebrate new talent in children’s book illustration and design and  looks for bold, innovative art and design for books that will turn children and younger people into lifelong readers.

See Lorrain’s full jacked below;

Find more of Lorraine’s work online;